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Kaare Sandholt Chief Expert of CNREC

Date of birth:
16 September 1954
Key Qualifications:
  • Renewable energy development and deployment
  • Integration of wind into the energy systems
  • Development of system operation of the electricity system in a market-based environment
  • Power system planning
  • Policy strategy processes in the field of energy
  • Organisational development and change management
  • Restructuring of the electricity sector
  • Cooperation between authorities and energy companies
  • Project management
  • MSc, Energy Planning - The Technical University of Denmark - 1981
  • Diploma in organisation and management - DISPUK, Danish institute for supervision, human re-
source development, training and consultation - 1998
  • Master of Management Development (MMD), Copenhagen Business School – 2004
Employment Record:
January 2012, Chief Expert in the China National Renewable Energy Centre
  • Technical expert and advisor for the Director General
July 2011, International Advisor for the Sino-Danish Renewable Energy Programme
  • Program management
  • Organisational management
  • Institutional development
  • Transfer of international experience regarding renewable energy to China
September 2005 – July 2011, Ea Energy Analyses, Partner
  • Integration of renewable energy into the energy system
  • Policy strategies for renewable energy
  • Scenario analyses
  • Project management
  • General management
May 2004 – August 2005, Elkraft System, the Transmission System Operator in Eastern Denmark,
Director of System Operation 
  • Responsible for the system operation of the electricity system in Eastern Denmark
  • Responsible for overall security of supply, for procurement of system services from the major
producers in Eastern Denmark and for pilot projects concerning system services
  • Responsible for the functioning of the Control Centre and the SCADA system at Elkraft System
  • Member of the executive group in Elkraft System and Elkraft Transmission
  • Member of the Operations Committee in Nordel, coordinating the system operation in the Nordic
System area.
November 1999 – April 2004
Elkraft System, Director of Communication and responsible for Elkraft System’s activities in the Baltic countries
  • Responsible for external and internal communication at Elkraft System
  • Member of the executive group in Elkraft System and Elkraft Transmission
Responsible for communication during and after the blackout in Eastern Denmark and Southern
Sweden in September 2003, for the internal technical evaluation and follow-up on the blackout
and for coordinating the evaluation and follow-up between Elkraft and Svenska Kraftnät.
  • Project manager of two twinning projects between Elkraft System and the Lithuanian Transmis-
sion System Operator, Lietuvos Energija
  • Project manager of a study of a common Baltic electricity market, carried out in cooperation with
Danish and Lithuanian research institutes and Lietuvos Energija.
  • Co-project manager of a Twinning Project between the Polish Ministry of Economy and the Dan-
ish Energy Authority on energy market regulation. 
September 1991 – November 1999
Elkraft Power Company, Manager, Planning Department
  • Investment planning in the power sector
  • Restructuring of the electricity sector
  • International relations
  • Integrated Resource Planning
  • Demand Side Management
  • Data and forecasts
  • Planning for new power plants – especially Unit 2 at Avedøre Power Station
  • Pilot project on heat demand management in district heating areas
1986 – 1991
The Danish Energy Authority, Manager of a development programme for large-scale biogas plants
·    Responsible for design and implementation of the programme, administration of a support programme
  • Editor of the Danish energy plan: “Energy 2000”
1981 – 1986
The Danish Energy Authority, Head of section
  • Heat planning, gas planning and planning for renewables
  • Guidelines for heat planning
  • Development of planning systems and processes
  • Development of renewable energy
  • Member of the steering committee for R&D in energy storage
Selected assignments:
  • Team leader for the Feasibility Study and Business Plan for the Chinese National Renewable Energy Centre, 2011
  • Project manager for the project “Paths to a fossil free energy supply”, 2010
  • Technical expert for the project “China Wind Advisory Project”, 2010
  • Technical expert for the project “Sophisticated modeling of the hourly dispatch for the Chinese grid”,
     November 2009 – May 2010
  • Wind Power Grid Integration Workshop in Beijing, October 2009
  • Technical expert in the project “Review of the Danish-Chinese wind energy development programme”,
  • Project manager for the project “Wind power in Estonia”, January 2010 – May 2010
  • Project manager for the project “Evaluation of the Harku-Sindi-Riga electricity transmission line”
for Eesti Energia, 2008-2009
  • Project manager for the project “Wind Power integration in New Brunswick, Canada” for the New
Brunswick System Operator NBSO, 2007 – 2008
  • Project manager for the task of Operating Agent for the IEA Implementing Agreement on renew-
able energy technology deployment (RETD), 2006 – 2007
  • Project manager for the task of secretariat for the Nordic Council of Ministers Task Force for re-
newable energy, formulating a policy strategy for the Nordic ministers of energy, 2006 – 2007
  • Member of the Operations Committee in Nordel, the body for co-operation between the transmis-
sion system operators (TSOs) in the Nordic countries, 2004 – 2005
  • Project manager of the EU-financed project ”Strengthening of the TSO and MO after the
restructuring of Lietuvos Energija” in Lithuania. The objective was to prepare the Lithuanian elec-
tricity market for integration into an internal energy market and to enhance the security of electric-
ity supply and the quality of electricity in Lithuania by strengthening the institutional development
of Lietuvos Energija, 2002 – 2004
  • Co-project manager of an EU-financed Twinning Project on energy market regulation in Poland.
The aim of the project was to assist the Polish energy authorities in implementing the energy ac-
quis, including capacity building, harmonising regulation with EU regulation and continuing liber-
alisation of the Polish energy sector, 2002 – 2003
  • Project manager of a project financed by the Danish Energy Authority: "Economic Analyses in the
Electricity Sector in Lithuania". The project gave an overview of the economy of the Lithuanian
electricity sector under different market conditions and qualified the advantages of a common Bal-
tic electricity market, 2001 – 2002
  • Project manager of the EU-financed "Twinning Project on the Restructuring of Lietuvos Energija",
Lithuania, with the objective of fulfilling the requirements of EU legal acts and the Lithuanian
Electricity Law. The restructuring was carried through by the introduction, development and im-
plementation of West European management techniques and tailored support systems, 2000 – 2002
  • Coordinator of the restructuring process in Elkraft Power Company, 1998 – 1999
  • Member of the REALM team – an EU-financed project on renewable energy and the liberalised
market, 1999
  • Secretary to the Planning Committee in Elkraft, 1992 – 1999
  • Supervision of the reviewing of the Spanish Energy Master Plan (PEN) funded by the Spanish government.
  • Program Manager of the Danish demonstration programme for large scale biogas plants, 1986 - 1990
Language skills:
(1: basic, 5: fluent)
Mother tongue

Kaare Sandholt