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Fan Lijuan Head of Internatinoal and Regional Cooperation Dep.

Main responsibility:
To create an international outreach and international network for CNREC, to assist the management of international RE cooperation programs, including project design, management, coordination and implementation, and to organise multilateral and bilateral cooperative and collaborative activities with international institutions, organisations and enterprises.
Main research and management experiences:
Energy efficient project feasibility study and evaluation, CDM project development and renewable energy project management and research. She participated the four large international cooperation projects, NDRC/UNDP/GEF China Greenlights Programme, NDRC/WB/GEF China Renewable Energy Scale-up Programme, China-Denmark Provincial CDM Capacity Building Project and China-Denmark Renewable Energy Development Programme (RED).

Fan Lijuan
  • RED Programme Annual Plan/Annual Report(2009/2010/2011)
    RED Programme Procedure Manual (first version)
    China Renewable Energy Industry Development Report (2008/2009)
    CRESP Annual Plan(2008/2009)/Annual Report(2007/2008)
    New Energy Industry Park Planning for Baoding City
    China Greenlights Project Annual Plan/Annual Report/Evaluation Report