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Hu Runqing Associate Research Fellow

Ms. Hu Runqing is associated research professor of Center for Renewable Energy Development, Energy Research Institute, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the member of Council of Chinese Renewable Energy Society. She was sent to be the national project coordinator of NDRC/UN Foundation “Expansion and Improvement of Solar Water Heating Technology in China” during 2002 to 2007 in her part time.
She has engaged in the renewable energy research since 1989, her researches focus on renewable energy policy, industry development, technology assessment and economic assessment.
In recent years, she was responsible for a lot of research projects, including new energy demonstration city research, solar PV incentive policy research, incentive policy for renewable energy industry development, LCA energy recycle period research for PV system, biomass energy development road map research, co-firing biomass generation incentive policy research. She was involved in many important research and document draft, including green energy county promotion research, road and measures on 15% non-fossil energy of energy demand in 2020, renewable energy law and related regulations, research on medium and long term planning of renewable energy, rural energy development planning in western China, research on major strategy issues of renewable energy, research on promotion planning for renewable energy. She has made deeply researches and achieved a lot of research fruits on PV incentive policy, mandatory installation policy of SWH, integration of solar into buildings, LCA energy recycle period of PV power station, roadmap of biomass development, co-fired biomass utilization. 

Hu Runqing
  • She earned three ministry level awards, 1) strategy framework design and related policy research on promoting large-scale renewable energy utilization, second class award of National Energy Administration in 2010; 2) role of hydropower base in southeast Tibet for promoting energy and social development in China, second class award of National Energy Administration in 2009; 3) Technical Code of Solar Water Heating System Utilization in Civil Buildings (GB50364-2005), second class award of Ministry of Construction. She also earned four awards of Academy of Microeconomic Research.

  • She published 16 books as a co-writer, including 2011 China PV Development Report; Biomass Technology Development Road Map; Standard, Testing and Certification of Solar Water Heater in China; Guide on Science and Technology Development of Renewable Energy; Guide on Policy, Regulations and Law of Renewable Energy; Strategy Research on Renewable Energy Development in China – Solar; Strategy Research on Renewable Energy Development in China – Renewable Energy; Engineering Design Guide Book for Solar Water Heating System in Civil Buildings, Technical Code of Solar Water Heating Utilization System in Civil Buildings; Wind 12 in China; Decipherment of Renewable Energy Law and etc.