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Zhang Chengqiang Researcher

Zhang Chengqiang was graduated from Life Science College, Qingdao Agricultural University in 2007 and at the same year he received letter of acceptance to School of Environment, Renmin University of China. Zhang earned his Master's degree in 2010 and after soon, he went into the Center for Renewable Energy Development, Energy Research Institute, NDRC and work until now. Zhang’s major is renewable energy policy research, and is taking or has taken part in the many projects and programs, such as follows: Study on subsidy policy of renewable energy under the new situation, Renewable energy quota system and feed in tariff policy coordination study, Study on the technical measures to implement non-fossil being 15% in energy demand by 2020, etc.

Actually, Zhang worked at government, institutions, enterprises and has much experience of the project management such as energy performance contracting, medium-large-scale-biogas-plant and so on. 

Zhang Chengqiang