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Liu Jiandong Deputy Director

Work for the Renewable Energy Information and Analysis Department
In RE sector
Study on RE Information Support Platform for Policy Research in 2011;
Study on RE Information collection and Statistical in 2010;
Designed project management system for CRESP in 2008, the software system realized management of whole project life-cycling which include project planning, procurement process, contract and financial management.
As an IT expert worked for World Bank China Renewable Energy Development Project(REDP) in 2002 to 2008. The main task is to design the management system of subsidy and to develop the System. The MIS realized distributed data acquisition, data verify, data mining and report.
Participated in the development of China Renewable Energy Database & GIS system of UNDP Capacity Building for the Rapid Commercialization of Renewable Energy in China(CCRE), in 2002. The system include data acquisition, resource assessment model and data analysis function base on geography.
Designed China Feed Production Statistics System for Ministry of Agriculture in 2003. The system harvest the data by directly collection from 300 manufactures and government report. With data check and analysis, the system can generate a set of reports for government's decision-making.
Participated in the development of China Feed early warning and Forecasting System in 2005. The system harvests the historical data and current factors such as weather disasters to predict feed market.

Liu Jiandong