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Sino Denmark Renewable Energy Cooperation Summit

 Sino Denmark Renewable Energy Cooperation Summit organized by CNREC (China National Renewable Energy Center) on 24th June 2013. There are 40 people attend summit from NEA (National Energy Administration) and some Danish governmental institute, as well as both side relevant enterprise and research institute.
Both Deputy Director General Mr Liu Qi of NEA and Minister Martin Lidegaard of Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building delivery key speech in the summit. Director Mr Wang Zhong Ying and Chief Expert Mr Kaare Sandholt introduce the achievement made and Sino Danish renewable energy development programme. They focus on the decision –making support platform for Chinese renewable energy polices being carried out by the CNREC, and detailed introduction about research process of 2050 High RE – Low Carbon scenarios for China. Some attendee carry out relevant discussion about the prelimary research and find out cross points for further cooperation base on their own.
Minister Martin Lidegaard and Deputy Director Deneral Liu Qi fully affirmed the work progress
and achievements made, holding that Sino-Danish cooperation in the field of renewable energy development is quite effective, at the same time, CNREC is a symbolic achievement and important platform of Sino-Danish cooperation in the field of renewable energy. Moreover,
both parties expect the centre to make persistent efforts and make new contributions to strengthen Sino-Danish cooperation on renewable energy, and development of renewable energy of both countries.
Deputy director general Liu Qi pointed out that CNREC should improve current capacity both in research and management, strength the module methodology research and application at the same time, keep the ledge with updated research methodology. CNREC play important role in the renewable energy technology and industry management, the establishment of the updated renewable energy industry and the scale up development of renewable energy. CNREC should also seize the opportunity of the strategic and forward looking policy research into renewable energy. Carry out in-depth study of the hot issue and establish and perfect service system for monitoring , evaluation and regulation of the renewable energy industry. Continue lead the industry development and breaking through problems and challenges. In addition, providing a high quality pubic and social service.
Sustained efforts to build national renewable energy think-tank with international presence, as a platform to strengthen international exchanges,enhanced friendship and promote thecontinuous development of renewable energy in China and the world, and make contribution for ecological ,civilization construction and sustainable development.

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