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China Renewable Energy Catalogue

Editor's Notes
By learning from the Danish Energy Agency’s “TECHNOLOGY DATA FOR ENERGY PLANTS” and by combining this with characteristics of renewable energy technologies in China, we have prepared the first edition of the China Renewable Energy Catalogue. The catalogue aims to provide the status of renewable energy technologies, prospects and other information for energy planning authorities, research institutes and the industry sector from a technical, an environmental and an economic perspective. The catalogue is expected to be one of the basic supports for China National Renewable Energy Centre to launch the scenario study of a high proportion of renewable energy in 2050.
The catalogue shows the wisdom and knowledge of domestic technology and industry experts. Hereby, great thanks are given to these experts who write the Catalogue include:
Wind energy: He Dexin, Zhu Rong, Ji Yan, Dou Zhijie
Solar energy: Liu Hong, Wang Zhifeng, Zheng Ruicheng, Dai Yanjun
Biomass: Zhuang Huiyong, Tian Yishui, Wu Youqing, Meng Haibo, Lin Cong
Geothermal energy and ocean energy: He Jiaxing, Li Zhong, Liu Xuefeng, Qian Gangliang
The experts involved in the catalogue review include: Bin Dezhi, Chen Guohai, Gao Hu, Gao Hui, Han Jiangong, Han Zaisheng, Hu Runqing,Qi Hesheng, Qin Shiping, Shi Jingli, Wang Ruzhu, Wu Dacheng, Xu Deping, Zhou Hongjun, Zhou Lixin, Zhu Hongdong
Marianne Nielsen, Anders Højgaard Kristensen, Jakob Stenby Lundsager, Ole Emmik Soerensen, Bo Riisgaard Pedersen and other experts from the Danish Energy Agency involved in the review of the catalogue jointly with colleagues of CNREC. We would like to express our gratitude to all of them sincerely.
The catalogue, sponsored by the Sino-Danish Renewable Energy Development Programme, has been carried out by CNREC. Beijing Rightsky International Information Consulting Co., Ltd. has provided great support during the process, including experts coordination and information collection. This is brief version of China Renewable Energy Catalogue.

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