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Collection of Sino-Danish Cooperation Achievements in Technical Innovation

The supporting grant of Sino-Danish Renewable Energy Development Project Component 2 (RED Project C2) totals 29,977,815 DKK. All 12 bid-winning Sino-Danish Technical Innovation Projects have achieved the expected progress and met the requirements of related project proposals. By making timely tracking and supervision of project progress, and employing independent external experts to assess project results, Danish Embassy and PMO ensured that the progress of all projects could be monitored and their results could be guaranteed.
Through implementation of projects, the project undertakers of China and Denmark have established good cooperative relationship with each other. Chinese project units have learned from Denmark the advanced concept, technology and experience of renewables; through the exchange with Chinese counterparts, Danish partners further understood China’s current situation, policy framework and development potential of renewables, thus laying a solid foundation for the future cooperation of the two countries.

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