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Flexibility is a must in modern power systems

Flexible thermal power plants was the topic to an expert meeting on 4 December 2013, arranged by CNREC and the Sino-Danish RED program. Experts from Denmark shared their impressive experience in how to make coal fired power plants more flexible regarding start-up time, ramping up and down, and reducing the minimum capacity for on-grid operation. The flexibility of the Danish power plants helps integrating a large share of wind into the Danish energy system, and the participants at the meeting agreed that Chinese power producers could benefit from the Danish experiences.

The meeting also discussed the lack of economic incentives for the Chinese power producers to operate more flexibility, which is one of the the biggest challenges for integration of flucuating renewable energy in the Chinese electricity system, and they exchanged ideas on how this could be changes in the short term as well as in the longer time perspective.
See the presentations from the meeting here.

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