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China 2050 High Renewable Energy Penetration Scenario and Roadmap Study

On April 16, Energy Foundation China, China National Renewable Energy Center (CNREC), and other key Chinese organizations jointly released the China 2050 High Renewable Energy Penetration Scenario and Roadmap Study in Beijing. On April 20, we held an international release in Washington, DC.
Summaries of the study in English can be found at:

Similar summaries in Chinese can be found at:

Executive Summary

The study shows that it is both technically and economically feasible for renewable energy to satisfy over 60 percent of China’s primary energy consumption and 85 percent of electricity consumption by 2050. The main goals for the study were to build a common vision among China’s key stakeholders for an energy sector centered on renewables, and to design a strong model for a national energy strategy that could guide China’s future energy planning and policy development. A key aspect of the study was the development of a roadmap of actions that might be taken to move towards a high renewable energy future. Additionally, as part of the process, CNREC, SGERI and other Chinese organizations improved their modeling and analytical tools for planning for such a future, which will surely have dividends for years to come. 
The events held to launch the report attracted a large number of participants, and have generating significant media coverage. In China, 54 news media organizations—including Xinhua New Agency, 21st Century Business Herald, and China Energy News—reported on the study. A good number of US news outlets have also covered the story.

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